What’s for sale?

In our today’s contemporary world, everything has changed in terms of ‘consumption’ and ‘production’. People are forced and exposed to a highly sophisticated wave of mediated images. Advertisement is everywhere in every time whether it’s an online promoted product, pop-ups appear while surfing online, product placement in the Tv shows, bill boards, and all those fancy click bait links. As well as spam messages which contains more than 65% of our received mails are also sent for the aim of advertisement.

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Mise-en-scène —Construction of Reality

Mis-en-scene— Origin
French, literally ‘putting on stage’.

It is impossible to perform a football match, gather thousands of spectators including the playing team members, referees, coaches, substitutes, media staff, security guards… etc without a Stadium. Similar to this, a film actually cannot be started unless things are set down in a certain way which is called a mise-en-scene. Mise-en-scene contains the spectacular elements of a film including actors, stage, lightings, make ups, setting itself, décor designs, the acting of the actors and so on. Even outside of the films, our surroundings and the environment we live in functions like mis-en-scene.

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Our Personal Information as “Money” to Purchase Goods online

“Internet should be free, and everyone has the right to access all the information in it, regardless of their race, class and economical statue”, I don’t have any doubt that you did hear this statement many times in your life, and you agree with that saying, since you don’t pay for to access the information you are willing to reach online. Surfing on the net all the time in different sites and getting all those plenty knowledge stored in it without paying any piece of a penny, it sounds great, right?

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“Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin

short Essay based on “Modern Times” by Charlie Chaplin

There’s this scene in the beginning of the film, where the director shows us a bunch of pigs colliding each other due to the crowded area they are in, and how unorganized they are. right after that scene we also see a plenty number of factory workers hitting their shoulders with each other, where I believe that director clearly wanted to deliver this message: Those factory workers have no any personal value left in their heart, they are dehumanized by time, due to the harsh conditions they work in, they have no difference than those pigs in the sty.

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Teknooloojiyadda Mustaqbalka iyo Xorriyadda Dadka


Qoraalkaan waa tijaabo horudhac u ah qoraallo kale oo soo socda dhawaan.

Teknoolajiyaddu meesha ay maanta marayso meel kasii qotto dheer ayay gaari doontaa. Dadkuna waxay filan doonaan oo kaliya [tekoonalajiyadda horrumarka xawaaraha sare ee ay ku socota awadeed] in cadhiidhi mooyaane aysan ku nafisi doonin, sababtoo ah macloomaadkooda shakhsiga ah ayaa la aruurin doonaa tin ilaa cirib sida lanbar sireeda akoomada bangiyada, telafoonada, kumbuyuutarada, mawqifka siyaasiga iyo diiniga ah iwm, wax qarsoodiah oo maxram shakhsi ah masii jiri doono. waxaa soo bixi doona shirkaddo iyo muasasaad ka ganacsadda inay dhawraan xaquuqdaas dadka la duudsiiyay.

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